Important Announcement for our Local Customers

by Battle Bliss

Hello friends and extended family! As many of you already know our doors are currently closed due to the state of emergency we are in, BUT that won't stop Battle Bliss from going to YOU! 

I have been working nonstop on this website trying to get it ready as soon as possible so please bear with me if there's any issues! (Creating websites is NOT one of my fortes ;-; )

I am going to be uploading inventory daily so keep an eye out for A LOT of new products coming in to our site! 

Here you'll find our selection of: Board Games, YuGiOh!, Pokemon, Cardfight Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Games Workshop Miniatures, Paints and Brushes, Gaming Accessories, and SO much more!

Thanks for checking us out! Love to you all!  <3


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