Yahtzee: Dragon Ball Z (2000)

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    Like the classic Yahtzee game, you're rolling for various dice combinations. Match Heroes - SS Goku, SS Trunks, and SS Vegeta or Villains - Android 20, Android 17 or Frieza 5th form to earn tiles. The tiles add a different twist to the game, influencing your strategy plan. They may provide you with Dragonball Z Radar or give you an extra roll or two of the dice. You could even lose tiles to Perfect Cell. Pick a Villain tile and you'll have to battle to keep it.

    The more tiles you earn, the more points you'll score. Roll Five of a Kind - that's Yahtzee, and you get to collect the Dragonball Tile along with any tiles collected by Perfect Cell. Earn the most points and you win.

    This unique combination of battle, chance and strategy makes every game exciting.

    - $24.99

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